Alessandra Baldoni/The word is the spark igniting every image

interview by Romina Ciulli and Carole Dazzi

Salva con nome, “Cade pioggia di stelle. Fugge il tempo nelle rose” (Antonia Pozzi)

The works of the writer and photographer Alessandra Baldoni are characterized by a sense of uniqueness and restless disenchantment, rendered through an intimate and personal approach. Her images speak to us of themes related to memory, awareness, feelings, and are true stories of the soul, made up of bonds that intertwine and emotions that reveal themselves. Starting from a conceptual context made of words, the artist in fact brings out a powerful and poignant flow of photo-stories, in which everyone can recognize themselves, everyone can feel their own experience and essence. It is the art of storytelling, of creating universes where everything remains and never stops echoing. Read more

Photography and matter: the visual imagery of Darren Harvey-Regan

by Romina Ciulli e Carole Dazzi

In materia, 2023

The work of the English artist Darren Harvey-Regan returns a photographic imagery in which the simplicity of the material underlies a complexity of meaning and vice versa. In fact, his works create a connection between the represented subject, the photographic representation of the object and the exhibited photograph itself. This relationship generates an aesthetic tension that takes possession of photography and sculpture to deepen the themes of his artistic research. Read more