Open dialogues: IroPeinto

by Margaret Sgarra, contemporary art curator


IroPeinto, stage name of Veronica Larotonda, is a visual artist who works using different pictorial languages, such as painting on water, the Ebrù technique and oil connected to metals. The focus of her work is centered on form, which becomes something incomprehensible and elusive, at times elusive. Furthermore, the relationship with dreams is fundamental, as it proves to be a field of investigation in correlation with the unconscious. She currently lives and works in Milan. Read more

Who’s next?… Maria Blanchard

by Valentina Biondini, art and literature amateur

Woman with fan

My name is María Gutiérrez-Cueto y Blanchard, but you can simply call me Maria Blanchard and, although I am unknown to most, thanks to my talent I was one of the protagonists of the avant-garde.

I was born on March 6, 1881 in Santander in the north of Spain and my childhood was painful, in my body and spirit. In fact, I came into the world with a spinal malformation that forced me to walk with a cane since I was a child, which among my schoolmates earned me the unflattering nickname of bruja, that is witch. Read more

Alessandra Baldoni/The word is the spark igniting every image

interview by Romina Ciulli and Carole Dazzi

Salva con nome, “Cade pioggia di stelle. Fugge il tempo nelle rose” (Antonia Pozzi)

The works of the writer and photographer Alessandra Baldoni are characterized by a sense of uniqueness and restless disenchantment, rendered through an intimate and personal approach. Her images speak to us of themes related to memory, awareness, feelings, and are true stories of the soul, made up of bonds that intertwine and emotions that reveal themselves. Starting from a conceptual context made of words, the artist in fact brings out a powerful and poignant flow of photo-stories, in which everyone can recognize themselves, everyone can feel their own experience and essence. It is the art of storytelling, of creating universes where everything remains and never stops echoing. Read more

Open dialogues: Alice Padovani

by Margaret Sgarra, contemporary art curator

Mangiare la luce

Alice Padovani, after a degree in Philosophy and Visual Arts, worked for several years in contemporary theater as actress and director, developing her own path as a visual artist and performer. She has exhibited in personal, collective and museum exhibitions on a national and international level, receiving numerous awards and recognitions. Her works are part of some important private and public collections in Italy and abroad.

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Open dialogues: Paola Calcatelli

by Margaret Sgarra, contemporary art curator

Paola Calcatelli is a visual artist specialized in photography and multi-material installations with a predilection for ice and metallic materials. At the center of her research are the concepts of transformation and memory. She exhibited in many collective and personal exhibitions.


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