Who’s next?…Hannah Höch 

by Valentina Biondini, literature amateur

The beautiful girl

Hannah Höch, stage name of Anna Therese Johanne Höch, was born in Gotha, Germany, in 1889. Mainly known for the work she produced during the Weimar Republic, today she is considered one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century Dadaist season and a pioneer in the technique of photomontage. Hannah Höch is in fact the woman who innovated the collage technique, elaborating images taken from different types of magazines, in a continuous cross-reference of political-cultural ideas. Read more

Open dialogues: interview with Silvia Levenson

by Margaret Sgarra

Through complex and emblematic works of art with an installation nature, the artist Silvia Levenson investigates the complexity of today’s society, reflecting on the critical issues and problems of the present, with a particular reference to the condition of women within both family and society. Her works, made of glass, are as crude as immediate, highlighting gender discrimination, the importance of solidarity and the fight against violence without half measures. Read more

Elena Modorati/Conceptual art which reveals the depth of existence


Sometimes concepts such as memory or time pass through a path of creation that finds in matter new possibilities of reflection. In this way the artistic research can investigate issues related to the ambiguity and vulnerability of the human condition, the transcendence of reality and present, the relationship between the visible and the invisible. This creative process characterizes the works of Elena Modorati, a conceptual artist who, through an intimate and minimalist approach, manages to shape not just the perception of existence, but also of art itself. Read more

Rollo Bryant/Design meets nature: an open conversation

Rollo Bryant/Design meets nature: an open conversation

The sculptures-objects by Rollo Bryant, a Dutch designer, incorporate the immediacy of freehand work with digital simulation, and are the result of a research that focuses in particular on the integration between the functionality and aesthetics of the object, organic and natural structures. In fact, Bryant’s works pay particular attention to the innovation of materials, the composition of the texture and the lighting. Read more

Who’s next?… Charlotte Salomon

Who’s next?… Charlotte Salomon

Written by Valentina Biondini, literature expert

The column “Who’s Next?” returns to talk about a brilliant and multifaceted young woman who lived in the last century who, since the posthumous publication of her work, has never ceased to be at the center of exhibitions, books and television broadcasts. Her life was even told in a movie, “Charlotte” by director Frans Weisz in 1981. It is precisely Charlotte Salomon, a Berlin Jewish artist, author of a totally unique and innovative work that challenges the relationship between fiction and reality, as it is already evident in the title: “Life? Or theater? ”, in the original language “Leben? Oder Theater? Ein Singespiel “. Read more