Erik Winkowski/Ordinary is extraordinary

Reinventing the ordinary to make it extraordinary. This is the aim of Winkowski’s video experimentations: to create animations which originate from the very specific aesthetic choice of working on immediate, simple and recognizable subjects.



During the creative process of this american artist, the image of a face, a woman who climbs the stairs, a rose, or else a tree, is re-elaborated to obtain a representation that just in its absence of complexity becomes unexpectedly surprising. These works of this artist, called Video Collage, combine painting, collage and drawing and celebrate the quality of everything that is simple and ordinary.

Erik Winkowski is a curious artist and a libraries serial visitor, a strong supporter that having fun can be considered the essence of being an artist. He finds in the immediacy of William Wegman’s videos, in the written works of Yoko Ono and Gabriel Orozco’s photography, a fundamental creative influence. Another fascination revealed by his artistic practice is that for science and nature. In fact plants and insects are often protagonists of his videos, a legacy coming from a childhood spent on his mother’s books, who edited botany and biology textbooks.

Video Sketchbook is his last project, a work in progress that uses Instagram’s fast communication to post a video experiment on a daily basis.