Marietta Varga/Homecoming

Compositions poised between the dreamlike and the symbolic, surreal atmospheres and pastel hues. Marietta Varga’s images are delicate, simple and clean, where time seems to stand still and match with the memory size.

My Town Siófok II. 2017

A figurative, ideal and retro universe with a cinematographic style that recalls the visual sensitivity of Wes Anderson’s cinema. In “My Town” series, the photos of Siòfok in Hungary immortalize the childhood memories of her hometown precisely as they are idealised in her mind, evoking a sense of nostalgia and perfection. In “Raw Hill”, the massive and monochrome aesthetics of brutalist architecture contrast with the pastel colour dresses of the two protagonists. Their symmetrical and symbolic postures enliven the blunt geometries of the buildings through a dance that aims at giving value to their hidden and monumental plastic beauty. The last project, “After August chapter 01”, is inspired by her childhood. Through the precise reconstruction of her family environment in the style of 70s and 80s, Varga calls to mind the memories that convey a sense of melancholy for the passing of time. Marietta Varga’s uniques atmospheres project the viewer into an estranging and unreal experience, but concrete and stunning at the same time.