Our interviews

- Paola Agosti: When photography is memory
- Ricardo Reis: A matter of perspective
- Gabriele Gasparotti: The birth of Zelda
- Samantha Passaniti: Art is a dialogue between soul and nature
- DellaclĂ : The art of self-representation
- Shira Gold: Landscape portraits: an intimate journey through grief, rediscovery and change
Andrea Carpita: The portrait as abstraction of the form

Who's next?...

From the past...
Contribution of Valentina Biondini.
- Sibilla Aleramo
- Elvira Notari
- Ketty La Rocca


Elisa Locati wrote for us the article:
- The Vagina Museum

Photographic call

The Female Curators introduce the photographic call "We are what we see". To be featured...