Andrea Carpita/The portrait as abstraction of the form

Interview with the young Italian painter who experiments diverse iconographic techniques to reread the art of figurative representation.

Shira Gold/Landscape portraits: an intimate journey through grief, rediscovery and change

The canadian photographer Shira Gold creates images that in their scenic isolation try to combine aspects such as stillness and beauty with those of pain and suffering.

Who's next...? Ketty La Rocca

This time the “Who’s Next?” column is dedicated to a peculiar Italian artist whose artworks developed between the 1960s and 1970s in our country. Then she was consigned to oblivion...

Dellaclà/The art of self-representation

The eclectic Italian artist talks about her way of exploring human instability through the stilness of objects.

Samantha Passaniti/Art is a dialogue between soul and nature

Interview with the Italian artist who uses the elemnts of nature to express an inner dimension.

Who's next?... Elvira Notari

In the second episode of the “Who’s Next?” column, we are going to focus our imaginary camera on an Italian woman who successfully moved into the fields of screenplay and direction, in the first two decades of the last century.

Gabriele Gasparotti/The birth of Zelda

Interview with the author of the short film presented at the Venice Film Festival.

Ricardo Reis/A matter of perspective

Interview with the Portuguese photographer who explores the connection between individual and reality through a surrealistic black and white.

Tishk Barzanji/When art reveals human frailties

Human interactions and emotions represented through the deconstruction of space and colors, the inconsistency of outlines, and the indecipherability of bodies. The Kurdish artistist Tishk Barzanji illustrations make use of surrealism and modernism to...

We are what we see/photographic call

The Female Curators introduce a new initiative. We are working on our very first call. This time it will be a photo contest, so we are selecting ten shots which theme should represent the concept “We are what we see”.

Who's next?... Sibilla Aleramo

“Why Have There Been No Great Female Artists?” was the title of a famous essay by the American Linda Nochlin, an essay that still has all its charm. It was 1971 and Nochlin...

Paola Agosti/When photography is memory

Interview with the italian photograher who in over forty years of professional activity, has documented the great female achievements and the social and political transformations of Italy and the world.

The Vagina Museum

In the past few months, following the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #metoo movement that has been trending on social media ever since, the position of the woman in every aspect of society has been put under direct scrutiny in a new social and political light.

Erik Winkowski/Ordinary is Extraordinary

Reinventing the ordinary to make it extraordinary. This is the aim of Winkowski’s video experimentations: to create animations which originate from the very specific aesthetic choice of working on immediate, simple and recognizable subjects.

Mattea Perrotta/The power of abstraction

The abstraction as a form of exploration and rediscovery. A style that deals with human experiences, seduces and fascinates the visitor. In Mattea Perrotta’s canvases female forms transmute into...

Marietta Varga/Homecoming

Compositions poised between the dreamlike and the symbolic, surreal atmospheres and pastel hues. Marietta Varga’s images are delicate, simple and clean, where time seems to stand still and match with the memory size.